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Eq2 ethereal searing totem

When a dispel is applied to a maintained effect on a target, it will now dispel the maintained spell from the caster. For example, if a group member casts a group buff affecting the entire group, if any member of the group has that effect dispelled, the spell is also dispelled from the caster and thus all group members. Increased the damage scaling above level for the following abilities, and triggered effects. Conjuror: Blazing Conjuration, Fury of the Elements. Defiler: Savage Devouring.

Fury: Ferocious Bite, Tear. Necromancer: Minion's Soulstealing. Sorcerer: Ambidexterous Casting, Confounding. Summoner: Provoked Attack, Shockwave. Wizard: Frostsword. Bard Removed the spell reflection effect from Wayfarer's Watch on timelocked servers. Wayfarer's Watch will now operate the same on a time-locked server as it does on live servers, capping the maximum amount of damage the bard can take on a triggering damage event. Updated Requiem to give a scaling weapon damage buff instead of a stat conversion from weapon damage to weapon damage.

Beastlord Beastsoul will increase flurry and flurry multiplier when cast above level Callous Ferocity will now scale its flurry increase at higher levels and will increase flurry multiplier when cast above level Feral Stance will now scale its fervor increase at higher levels. Hawk Eyes will now scale its crit bonus and potency increase at higher levels. Increased the base damage of Claw of Khati Sha from 60 to Increased the max triggers of Sharpened Claws to 3 when cast above level Increased the mitigation granted by Savage Ruin above level Increased the potency scaling of Kaldrahir's Leadership above level Increased the potency scaling of Shalih Mar's Mandate above level Noxious Assault will now scale its crit bonus increase at higher levels.

Sharpened Claws will now scale as a melee attack, and cannot be avoided. Tame Warder and its variations will now provide specific feedback about why a target cannot be tamed. Truespirit Claws will grant base auto-attack damage when cast above level Truespirit Claws will grant weapon damage when cast above level Truespirit Claws will now scale its dps increase at higher levels.

Updated primals to use the scout melee attack multiplier tables instead of a flat add 1 table. Warder's Ferocity will now scale its crit bonus and crit bonus overcap increase at higher levels. Berserker Updated Critical Rage to give a scaling max hp buff instead of a stat conversion from crit bonus to max hp. Updated Earthshock to give a scaling potency buff instead of a stat conversion from crit bonus to potency. Updated Focus: Berserk to give a scaling crit bonus buff instead of a stat conversion from crit bonus to crit bonus.

Brawler Boneshattering Combination has been changed to provide a scaling crit bonus and crit bonus buff instead of an effect that scales on the casters potency. Reduced Devastation fist from a Brigand Accomplice will grant scaling Fervor instead of Potency if cast above level Added the ability Perforate at level , which will upgrade to Perforate II at level Amazing Reflexes will grant scaling Strikethrough when cast above level Amazing Reflexes will upgrade at level Deceit will grant flurry multiplier when cast above level Deceit will upgrade at level Desperate Thrust will decrease combat mitigation on targets.

Entangle will now decrease combat mitigation on the targeted encounter, instead of the individual target. Partners in Crime will grant scaling Fervor instead of Potency if cast above level Shenanigans no longer reduces defense and parry skills when cast.

Thieves Guild will upgrade at level Bruiser Updated Hateful Defiance to give a scaling max hp buff instead of a stat conversion from crit bonus to max hp. Channeler Adjusted the scaling curve of Distracting Shot's fervor decrease at all levels. Decreased base casting time of Downpour from 2 to 1.

Decreased base reuse time of Downpour from 60 to Decreased the base casting time of Barrage from 3 to 2. Decreased the base casting time of Precise Volley from 3. Decreased the base casting time of Salubrious Invocation from 3 to 2. Decreased the base casting time of Vector of Life from 3 to 2.

Increased the amount of healing from the Lifeward enchantment. Increased the amount of damage caused by the Icebreaker enchantment. Added a new recipe to enchant bracers with Stamina. You can buy this recipe from Vanessa Sellers in Dalaran. Engineering Engineers may now be able to properly engineer Centrifuge Constructs.

Reduced the cooldown and increased the duration of the effect for Hyperspeed Accelerators. Added a new recipe for epic plate spell power goggles. Weakness Spectralizers are now usable by druids. The Saronite Bomb recipe now creates a lot more bombs for the same material cost.

While this breakthrough was discovered by goblins, all engineers can take advantage of it. Gnomish Lightning Generator has had its cast time and cooldown reduced. The engineering Scrapbot can now repair. Inscription Jessica Sellers, a new vendor in the Dalaran inscription shop, will sell most inscription inks for the cost of one Ink of the Sea.

She also sells Snowfall Ink for multiple Inks of the Sea. Jewelcrafting Added a new recipe to convert a frozen orb and some green quality gems into several superior quality gems. Reduced the spell power granted by the use effect of the Figurine — Twilight Serpent, but reduced the cooldown significantly. Leatherworking Iceborne Belt pattern skill up range has been increased to the correct range.

The epic leg armor patches now require a Frozen Orb in addition to their other materials. Mining Mining veins and deposits no longer require multiple hits to receive all the ore. Players will receive around the same amount of ore, stone, and gems they would have received from multiple hits.

Weakened Giants and Iron Rune Sentinels can now be correctly mined. Skinning Increased the critical strike rating granted by ranks 5 and 6 of Master of Anatomy. Carrion Fleshstrippers are now skinnable. Tailoring Reduced the cloth required to make a Bolt of Imbued Frostweave. Simplified the materials required for Shining Spellthread and Azure Spellthread. Greatly reduced the materials required to make the self-only tailoring leg enchants Master's Spellthread and Sanctified Spellthread , but these recipes no longer grant any skill gains.

Reduced the training cost for the normal Flying Carpet. Ebonweave now requires the tailor to be in the Maw of Neltharion in Dragonblight to creating it. Spellweave now requires the tailor to be at the Azure Dragonshrine in Dragonblight when creating it. Also, only the character that scared the bat, or their party, may now loot the guano. Shoveltusk Meat obtained during the quest; "Shoveltusk Soup Again? During the quest, "Scalps!

The path followed by the Har'koa's Kitten during the quest, "I Sense a Disturbance" has been improved. Westguard Sergeants, Winterhoof Braves, and Ethereal Frostworgs should no longer attempt to attack their opposite faction counterparts unless the character controlling them is first attacked.

Westguard Sergeant and Winterhoof Brave demoralizing shouts will now only affect the Winterskorn Vrykul and worgs at Skorn. As well, the harpoon now only costs 5 energy to shoot, down from Twilight Residue grants immunity to Fire and Shadow damage for a few seconds. When in this state, they will ignore all clicks.

Various filters can now be applied to Achievements. A special UI for chatting with GMs has been added. Items Emblems of Heroism can now be purchased at a 1 to 1 rate using Emblems of Valor. The Darkmoon Faire exotic vendors have been updated with new items. Amberglow Signet now correctly grants Hit Rating. It now reduces the cooldown of Swiftmend by 2 seconds.

Deadly Gladiator's Staff has had the Agility and Critical strike rating restored to ratios consistent with other instances of the Gladiator's Staff. Dreamwalker Battlegear: The Rip bonus is now 4 seconds instead of 3. Gifts and Pledges of Adoration for the capital cities are now soulbound. The Flag of Ownership now has only a 60s cooldown to match the 60s duration of the flag. Players can now open clams while riding a vehicle, sitting, mounted, stealthed, and invisible.

Reduced the stats on the Savage Cobalt Slicer to match the weapon's level. Some low-level rogue pvp gloves were accidentally omitted from the patch 3. This has been rectified. Some neglected creatures in Icecrown have found the contents of their pockets. The white Polar Bear mount is now the proper larger size. Glyphs Glyph of Conflagrate now makes it so your Conflagrate spell no longer consumes the Immolate or Shadowflame spell from the target. Glyph of Hammer of Justice: Now increases range by 5 yards instead of increasing stun duration.

Glyph of Invisibility duration has been increased. Glyph of Deterrence: Now seconds instead of Glyph of Holy Light now affects friendly targets in a larger radius. Glyph of Horn of Winter now increases the duration by 60 sec. Glyph of Spirit of Redemption: Now increases the duration of the effect by a fixed amount of 6 seconds.

Glyph of turn evil now also increases the cooldown of your turn evil spell by 8 sec. World Environment Incapacitating Shout now has an 8 second duration. Conquered Soul of the Blightcallers are no longer AE immune. Corrected a raid emote in Violet Hold to display the proper creature name.

Corrected a redundant aura tooltip for Locust Swarm in Naxxramas. Several creatures in the Construct Quarter of Naxxramas did not have Heroic values for hit points and damage. Racials Berserking: Can now be used properly while under the affects of Hand of Protection. Shadowmeld: This ability will now properly restore threat when it is cancelled.

In addition, it will correctly remove a player from combat if it is active when that player is the last person left alive that the creature hates. This ability is now also unusable while affected by Faerie Fire.

Classes Death Knights Blood Aura Will now always do the correct amount of healing, based on the actual damage taken of the target. Blood Caked Blade: Now does the proper damage amount when triggered by an off-hand weapon. Bloody Strikes: The tooltip for this talent now has correct values. Butchery: Will now always grant 20 runic power, regardless of the creature type killed. Chains of Ice: This ability is no longer able to land on death knights who have Anti-Magic Shell active.

Crypt Fever: It is no longer possible to have a duration longer than the disease which caused it. Will also no longer incorrectly increase Death and Decay damage. Corpse Explosion: Fixed a bug where how much Runic Power the Death Knight had was affecting the damage done, and also increased the damage substantially. Death Chill: The effect from this talent will no longer be consumed if Killing Machine is active. Death Pact: This will no longer cause guards to attack the Death Knight.

Desecration: will no longer break stealth. Ebon Plague: It is no longer possible to have a duration longer than the disease which caused it. It will no longer stack with Crypt Fever used by another character. Frost Fever: This talent now works properly when spell reflected. Gnaw: This ghoul ability is now able to be set on autocast. Icy Clutch: This will now be applied properly in all cases to targets that gain Frost Fever via the Pestilence ability. Mark of Blood now works correctly with periodic damage.

Pestilence: The diseases will now spread correctly even when the damage from Pestilence kills the primary target. Raise Dead no longer puts you in combat when you cast this spell. Shadow of Death: This ability will no longer cause tracking abilities to become inactive when the death knight becomes a ghoul.

Tundra Stalker Rank 1 will now work properly on Death and Decay. Unholy Blight: Will no longer cause spell pushback. Druids Bear Form: This ability will now grant the correct attack power per level for levels Entangling Roots: When determining if a new Entangling Roots should overwrite an old one, and will now calculate the correct damage modifiers for the creature type of the target. Maim: Tooltip adjusted to match the duration the ability has always had. Opening: Opening doors and objects should no longer cause shapeshifted forms to be cancelled.

Rake: The initial damage from this ability is now properly considered bleed damage, and will be increased by Mangle and Trauma. Savage Fury - Mangle Bear damage was being increased by a higher percentage than intended. Also fixed a bug with Savage Fury where the Rake bleed effect was not being increased. Starfall will no longer cause nearby creatures to become hostile for no apparent reason while the Druid is affected by fear effects.

In addition, it will no longer pick ambient creatures as targets. This prevents the health gain from occurring multiple times if constantly shapeshifting. Swiftmend: Riptide will no longer cause this ability to light up, and this ability will no longer sometimes consume Earthliving off the target.

Hunters Aspects: All aspects now have a 1 second global cooldown. Aspect of the Beast: Will now increase Hunter pet attack power by the correct amount. Call of the Wild: Now only works on the pet and their own master. Carrion Feeder: No longer causes extremely large amounts of threat when the pet gains happiness. Cower: Now longer shares a cooldown with Growl, but has its own separate cooldown. Dust Cloud: This pet ability will now be cast by the pet at the target instead of while they are moving toward the target.

Nether Shock: Pets will now correctly use this ability on all targets, not just mana users. Prowl: This ability will no longer sometimes turn autocast on by itself. Sniper Training: Now increases the damage of Aimed Shot by the correct amount. Spore Cloud: This ability will now work properly. Swipe: The tooltip has been adjusted. Tracking: Entering an arena no longer disables tracking types.

They are now invalid targets. Brain Freeze: This talent can now be triggered by Blizzard. Burnout: This talent will now properly charge the mage additional mana when Living Bomb causes a critical strike. Fingers of Frost: This talent can now trigger properly from Frost Armor. Icy Veins: The spell pushback reduction from this talent now works on Frostfire Bolt. Improved Scorch: This talent no longer triggers effects that trigger on casting a spell. Living Bomb: Now triggers Ignite when it causes a critical strike.

In addition, the final explosion will now still occur even if the mage is affected by a crowd control effect. Molten Fury: This talent will now interact correctly with Torment the Weak. Precision: Frostfire Bolt will no longer receive double the intended benefit from this talent. Spell Power: Now affects the critical strike chance of Blizzard.

Paladins Devotion aura: When mixing two different ranks of this ability in a party, players will no longer sometimes see a spurious second copy of the buff. Hand of Freedom: Now works properly against the froststorm Breath Hunter pet ability. Judgement of Blood, Judgement of Command, and Judgement of the Martyr will now gain the correct damage modifiers for the creature type of the target.

Judgement of Light: The tooltip has been corrected to remove the implication that it only works on melee attacks. Judgement of the Wise: The amount of mana gained has been corrected to match the tooltip. Pure of Heart: This talent will no longer cause Curse of Agony to do more damage than intended. This will be corrected in a future patch. Righteous Vengeance: This talent will now calculate its damage correctly when the damage is absorbed. In addition this ability will no longer cause excessive damage when refreshed on targets with damage reduction effects active.

Seal of Command: The tooltip has been adjusted to show the damage gained from spell power. Shield of Righteousness now properly shares a cooldown for both ranks. Priest Dispersion: This ability can no longer be cast while affected by Cyclone; doing so consumed the cooldown to no effect. Guardian Spirit: It is no longer possible for simultaneous killing blows to trigger the heal from this ability multiple times. Improved Holy Concentration: The tooltip has been rewritten to indicate that this talent reduces cast time rather than providing haste.

Mind Flay: Fixed a bug with targeting where you would not deal damage if not facing the target while channeling. Also corrected an issue where the damage from this ability was slightly delayed. Prayer of Mending: Will now only benefit from the healing talents of the priest who cast the original spell. Shadow Word: Pain now will gain the correct damage modifiers for the creature type of the target.

Surge of Light: Prayer of Mending will no longer sometimes cause Surge of Light to trigger on Priests who do not have that talent. Twisted Faith: This talent will no longer sometimes cause Shadow Word: Pain to fail due to a more powerful spell being in effect. Rogues Envenom: The tooltip values have been corrected to be accurate.

Fan of Knives: All poisons will now trigger correctly when used with this ability. Honor Among Thieves: The bug where stacking multiple rogues with this talent caused them all to gain additional combo points has been fixed. In addition, it no longer cancels eating and drinking if a party member gains a critical strike while it is active.

Killing Spree: This ability no longer breaks stealth if it fails due to all targets being out of range. Mutilate: this ability will no longer give poisons on the off-hand weapon two chances to be triggered. Turn the Tables: This talent no longer generates threat when it triggers.

Shaman Chain Heal: This spell will now give an invalid target error message if the primary target is a totem. Elemental Shields was reducing flat physical damage, not a percentage. Now properly reduced by a percentage. Lava Lash - Fixed a bug which allowed you to use the ability even if you had a shield in offhand. Now requires a 1hand axe, fist or dagger to be able to be used. Fixed a bug where Thunderstorm Elemental was knocking back 15 yards, instead of It should now roughly knockback the correct length of 20 yards.

Magma Totem: Fixed a bug that capped the damage of this ability at too low of a level. Resistance Totems: Players will no longer see two copies of these buffs when two shamans cast the totems simultaneously. Spirit Walk: This Feral Spirit ability will now properly clear roots and snares from the Shaman master. Stoneclaw Totem: The tooltip has been revised to indicate the damage absorb shield also works on the Stoneclaw Totem itself.

Warlock Warlock Pets: Some pets were not properly classified to receive correct creature scaling for Wrath of the Lich King. Their health and damage done will now be higher. Corruption will now gain the correct damage modifiers for the creature type of the target. Create Healthstone: Attempting to create a healthstone when you already have one no longer consumes mana or triggers the cooldown of this ability.

Demonic Circle: Teleport: the button for this ability will now darken when the Warlock is out of range of the Demonic Circle and will light up when the Warlock is in range. Demon Power Scaling: Spell power gained from spirit via the Fel Armor ability will now properly affect the scaling of spell power and attack power on summoned demons. It also now generates a very small amount of threat instead of no threat. Everlasting Affliction: Will now calculate correct damage values for Corruption when it is refreshed in all cases.

Haunt: Will now gain correct damage modifiers for the creature type of the target. In addition, this ability is now limited to a single target as intended. This also now works properly when refreshed on its current target.

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B roots crypto Dark Command: Range increased to 30 yards. Demonic Circle: The teleport now clears all snare effects. Protector of the Pack: No longer changes value based on party size. Chains of Ice: This ability is no longer able to land on death knights who have Anti-Magic Shell active. This has been rectified. Conquered Soul of the Blightcallers are no longer AE immune. No longer deals damage to secondary targets.
Eq2 ethereal searing totem The Flag of Ownership now has only a 60s cooldown to match the 60s duration of the flag. Updated Modified Strength to give a scaling ability modifier buff instead of a stat conversion from primary attribute to ability modifier. The white Polar Bear mount is now the proper larger size. This should now last for 4 minutes. Thieves Guild will upgrade at level

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Oct 19,  · Spirit Totem of the Tiger. Increases out of combat health regen per tick by Shapeshifts caster into a tiger. Spirit Totem of the Alpha Feline. Increases out of . Jun 16,  · Yes, the total amount of Ethereal Coins you can earn is cumulative. Each week, the total amount you can gain for the entire Reign of Shadows Ethereal event increments up . i am pretty sure this drops every time you kill Xanzerok, the Earth Root, along with 3 marks. im not % sure though.