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Crypto trends twitter

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Get the latest crypto news delivered to your inbox daily. Top 10 Crypto Twitter Accounts to Follow by Vlad Hatze September 23, Innovation brings along new defining metrics by which investors make decisions. Each social platform is unique in its value and operational mechanism, and discussions regarding cryptocurrencies are mostly concentrated on Twitter, as it facilitates a streamlined, open, and possibly invasive system, which helps foster beneficial discussion.

Money-grabbing culture has much to say about cryptocurrencies, which leads misleading information to enter the crypto Twitter space. Additionally, social media metrics can be manipulated and project a false sense of trust towards users. Regardless, valuable information can be filtered out through Twitter to get an overarching look and feel of the event taking place in the crypto space.

Below we list ten cryptocurrency Twitter accounts to get you on your way to receiving quality information and filtering through all the noise. Buterin is known for his writing abilities, and although he does not post very frequently, he is an active Twitter user. Moreover, he shares links and posts to his own research work on cryptocurrencies through well-researched and argued papers. Additionally, you can get the latest updates on Ethereum and how ETH 2.

Not only does it allow your posts to reach a wider audience, but it also diverts your targeted audience towards your website. A good example, in this case, has been employed by Crypto Exchange, KuCoin for encouraging its audience to reach out to die-hard dogecoin fan, Elon Musk and compensating the community for doing so. What matters is achieving an appropriate Return On Investment ROI to cover the monetary costs of doing so and hence there is no specific strategy.

Imagine if you could get these Crypto Twitter Marketing Influencers talking about your project? Book a Call Post Organic Crypto Content While followers may be an indication of how strong your community is, it is important to not overdo it. With that said, improving brand image and outlook is crucial to attracting new users to your site via Twitter. A good strategy to assess this is by analyzing how hyped the project is and by comparing the holders of the project with the followers while factoring in a modest multiplier.

Thereby coming across organically is vital and helps gain the trust of your target base. The secret is to be posting more than just about your project and doing so on a consistent basis. While sharing constant updates about your project helps keep the community up to date, posts unrelated to your project are just as important.

The following is an example of Pancakeswap. In this instance, BTC on Twitter had been trending and a smart move would be to leverage off the trend and make content around it. Doing so would attract more folks from Crypto Twitter that would be interested in knowing about your project and encourage them to check your Twitter page thereby improving user outreach and SEO.

With Twitter, cryptocurrency trends are always trending like the one above and creating content related to such trends has always proven to be a masterstroke. Pinned Tweets to Increase Crypto Twitter Exposure Now that your Twitter page is getting a good chunk of visitors, it is important to have a pinned tweet. A rule of thumb is to pin the latest update about your project in order to promote that particular tweet more effectively. This is a place to show off to the world what your project is all about and the latest happenings.

The following is an example of Goose Finance: Start the Next Crypto Trend and Build Hype Did you know there is a way to leverage the crowd to do your crypto social media marketing for you? This is known as decentralized marketing and is explained in detail here. As of currently, the most well-known project in the space doing this is Safemoon. The key is to have members of your community act as ambassadors and sharing memes, videos, etc to boost your social media mentions.

The most high-profile individual within crypto to pursue this is Elon Musk that has shared a passion for dogecoin through expressing it in memes. A good way of tracking how much a project is trending is by checking its statistics on social listening site, lunarcrush. The following are the results of Dogecoin after Elon Musk supposedly posted the above meme on Twitter.

One tweet or a hashtag on the platform has the ability to create a tweetstorm of worldwide news and popularity. Having Crypto Influencers tweet about your project creates massive attention and causes your popularity to surge. In the following thread, Bitcoin Jack, a crypto influencer constantly analyzing the Crypto Twitter space mentions about Freeliquid — a DeFi protocol that allows you to increase your stable coin yields. By referring to the prospects of having a juicy Annual Percentage Rate APR on your stablecoins, he seems to have garnered attention from DeFi enthusiasts seeking to park their cryptocurrencies in return for high yields.

Read our top crypto influencers list for the most updated rankings. The comment may not necessarily be about your project but it could be about the space in general. An example where you could make an organic comment is as follows: BTW — need crypto influencers for your project?

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Top 3 Crypto Trending Tweets Week of October 10th-15th 2022.

3/4/ · The top crypto-related hashtags from January 1, , to March 2, included #nft, #bitcoin, #nfts, #crypto, #bsc, #nftgiveaway, #btc, #eth, #nftcommunity and #airdrop. 1 day ago · Bull flags are flag patterns that trend upward, hinting at a future price rise. Bear flags are those that appear in downtrends, when the analyst that spots them predicts that prices will . Supports the Flare (FLR) Airdrop for XRP Holders from supported jurisdictions. Expected to take place between 24 October and 6 November Read More - (2 minutes) / .